Lina Selander

public commissions

Title: Kompositioner (Compositions)
Place: Förskolan Älvan, Vårsta
Year 2010-2011
Materials: Light, sound and video
Dimensions: Varying
Project Manager: Paola Zamora
Technical realization of audio installation: Nils Edvardsson
At the preschool Älvan the artist Lina Selander has worked on a presentation in several parts. “Kompositioner” (Compositions) consists of light, sound and moving image on dispersed locations both inside the kindergarten and outdoors. In her work with the design, the artist has chosen to work with abstract elements to thereby challenge and affirm the children's imagination, creating awareness of body movement and associativity.
In the large central room of the preschool, “The Square”, there are motion sensors that record the movements of the children and teachers during the morning register to a computer. The recorded movement patterns are then used as musical scores and transformed into a meditative, serene composition that is played from the three built-in speakers, placed in the restroom. Each day, therefore creating a new composition.
“The Solitaire” is an invisible tactile instrument. By using the sensors in the large room, the children create music in real time. The effect can be described as if the floor was a giant piano in two dimensions where points in space are corresponding as keys. By plugging in a portable guitar amp in one of the sensor boxes the children can play with this instrument during certain times.
Outside the pedagogical kitchen there is a pool of paint that constantly is changes colour, it's like an endless flow of colour, space and light and inspires you to play and to play with associations. Outdoors there are a number of spotlights placed on park lighting poles that directs light toward different objects and locations in the garden. Thus creating short scenes and a basic dramaturgy. The whole estate is activated for play and feels inviting and safe.
In working with the design of “Compositional”, how are you related to the site?
Because Älvan is a preschool where children grow, create and evolve, I have chosen to work with a piece that is constantly changing and that the children and the teachers themselves may be part of creating. The sound installations are abstract and varied. The sound image consists of long clean sounds which for me can symbolize colour and light.
In working with the lighting in the yard I have chosen to look at the surrounding woods and on the yard created different places that feels safe and inviting for play.
The goal is that the music, the video installation and the lighting on the yard will inspire kids to move, play and contemplate. I have also had the year's dark days in mind, indoors we have the pulsating video projections in many colours, outdoors there are little scenes lit up in the dark.