Lina Selander

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OEI # 69-70
OEI # 69-70
OEI # 69–70: On Film is 496 pages. Edited by Martin Grennberger and
Daniel A. Swarthnas on experimental film. Lina Selander and Oscar Mangione,
"L'ancien Tribunal. Paranoia, montage, jouissance, cut, cut", 2015 and Document and Image, 2011.
Document and Image, Lina Selander.

“In an effort to create a constructive yet open format, rather than establish a strict thematic framework, OEI On Film (#69–70) refers to a number of heterogeneous and parallel conditions where texts, archival material and visual/textual montages are interspersed with one another. The aim has been to emphasize different speeds of reading, various focal points, unexpected constellations and new stratifications. […] The issue does not have the ambition to present a unified perspective, but instead suggests that the polysemic horizon that it has strived to retain – between differential, structural, material, and political discourses and dispositifs – on one level could be tracked down to the dynamic space of interpretation that can be found in the title of a 1964 film by Carl Slättne, who recently passed away: A Film – An AntiFilm – A FilmFilm.” (From the preface)
M. Greenberger and Daniel A. Swarthnas