Lina Selander

public commissions

Hjärtat totala solförmörkelse. Installation view, Filmform, Stockholm, 2004.
Two-channel video-installation and sound/ mini-DV transferred to DVD and analogue tape.
Video 1: 4:20 min. loop, colour, sound Video 2: 8 min. loop, colour, silent.
Audio: 19 min. sound loop on a Revox A77 reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Hjärtats Totala Solförmörkelse (Total Eclipse of the Heart) was an installation at Filmform, Stockholm. It consists of three parts: one looped short film on a monitor, one video projection, and one recital on an old fashion Revox reel-to-reel tape recorder. The monitor (part I) shows silent black and white scenes: tunnels, reflections of light, the setting of a table ... drafts of narrations that may take form. The projection (part II) shows a monu- mental circle shaped red solid which covers a great part of the b/w moving images. From the tape recorder (part III) a male voice is heard, monotonously reading the text 117 of 146 Instamatic pictures, which meticulously describes a series of photographs that have been sewn in. In Total Eclipse of the Heart I wanted to investigate the nature of a hidden room in the image, its “hiddenness”. Imagine yourself staring into your own blind spot ... In Total Eclipse of the Heart the black and white moving images are to a large extent blinded by a monumental circle shaped red solid. On the one hand the red solid meets the gaze of the beholder as an eye of its own and sends the gaze back, on the other hand a relation (an insecure exchange of meaning ...) is constituted between the red solid and the two other parts of the installation: the smaller film and the voice that monotonously chants descrip- tions of perforated photographs. I wanted to explore the black or blind field—that which does not become image—and its relation (bleeding) to other stations in an installation, to other parts of an image.

Installation view, Galleri 300m3 Art Space, Göteborg 2005:

Installation view, Tbilisi History Museum, 2004:

Video stills: