Repeat After Me, Oslo Kunstforening

Repeat after me

Solo exhibition at Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo.
Curated by: Marianne Hultman – Oslo Kunstforening
2017.01.19 - 02.26

Oslo Kunstforening is proud to start off the new year with a solo presentation by Lina Selander. Lina Selander is one of Sweden's most groundbreaking moving image artists. Her films and installations are often based on historical breakpoints - a liminal space in which a system or a physical space has collapsed and something new is taking shape; the transition from analogue image making to digital, the collapse of political or economic systems. Each work consists of a pictorial world woven from a mix of historical and fictional observations.

Selander’s artistic work revolves around a fascination with the phenomena and technologies that enable image production and documentation. Her work returns to the question of image as memory, imprint and representation. The exhibition presents three video works made in collaboration with Oscar Mangione. This is Lina Selander’s first solo exhibition in Oslo.

Oslo Kunstforening is supported by the City of Oslo and Arts Council Norway.

Photo: Christina Leithe Hansen