Moment, Moderna Museet


Solo exhibition at Moderna Museet, Stockholm.
Curated by: Lena Essling
2015.11.14 - 2016.02.28

Lina Selander’s films and installations can be read as compositions or thought models, where ideas and conditions are weighed and tested. She examines the relationships between memory and perception, photography and film, language and image. The precise, rhythmic editing and use of sound create their own temporality and a strong inner pressure. Selander’s oeuvre recurrently explores a fascination for the phenomena and technologies that make images possible, thereby enabling history to be documented. Montage is used in the films to juxtapose images, while entailing a potential loss of content. Image meets text in a flow where meaning arises from the ostensibly unrelated, like echoes through and between the works.

Selander’s works constitute a dense archive of observations, occasionally in dialogue with other films, art or literature. Their subject matters often stem from historic or ideological junctions, where one system or physical place collapses and something new begins to emerge. While her exhibition at the Venice Biennale describes a movement between utopia and collapse, the presentation at Moderna Museet shows three works that further explore actual or figurative borders.

Text by: Lena Essling

Curator: Lena Essling
Exhibition Architecture in collaboration with Studio Nav.

Moderna Museet presents Lina Selander at the Venice Biennal 2015: Lina Selander is representing Sweden with the solo exhibition Excavation of the Image – Imprint, shadow, spectre, thought in the Swedish Pavilion at Arsenale.

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Photo: Åsa Lundén.