OEI # 69-70: On Film

OEI # 69–70: On Film

OEI (magazine)
Editors: Martin Grennberger and Daniel A. Swarthnas.
”L'ancien Tribunal. Paranoia, montage, jouissance, cut, cut”, Lina Selander and Oscar Mangione, 2015.  
”Document and Image”, Lina Selander 2011.
Publisher: OEI
Pages: 496
Publishing year: 2015
ISBN: 9789185905751
Order: Adlibris

“In an effort to create a constructive yet open format, rather than establish a strict thematic framework, OEI On Film (#69–70) refers to a number of heterogeneous and parallel conditions where texts, archival material and visual/textual montages are interspersed with one another. The aim has been to emphasize different speeds of reading, various focal points, unexpected constellations and new stratifications. […] The issue does not have the ambition to present a unified perspective, but instead suggests that the polysemic horizon that it has strived to retain – between differential, structural, material, and political discourses and dispositifs – on one level could be tracked down to the dynamic space of interpretation that can be found in the title of a 1964 film by Carl Slättne, who recently passed away: A Film – An AntiFilm – A FilmFilm.”

From the preface by: M. Greenberger and Daniel A. Swarthnas.

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